Friday , August 14 2020

Twitter To Allow Users Follow Topic

Twitter To Allow Users Follow Topic
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With modern innovative ideas, twitter keeps updating its features helping make life easier and creating a more user friendly platform.

The social media giants have begun testing an option to follow topics in addition to people. Users will be allowed to pick from topics outlined by twitter starting with sports, but it should expand to include celebrities, TV shows and other common discussions.

This allows the user see tweets about the specific topic followed in addition to tweets from people being followed by the individual.

Users will also have the option to mute unwanted conversation for a particular topic.

This new test is currently limited to Android users and includes another test that lets you create separate lists to follow individual interests, which may be fellow users or keywords.

Whichever the user believe have a good topic of interest, they can keep tabs on them in addition to keeping up with that relevant issue.

Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour during a press event at the company’s San Francisco headquarters said “Our desire is to be a little bit more ambitious about the level of change that we introduce into the product”.

Other ongoing addition to the social platform includes an option in Android that helps snooze notification. The company is also exploring other features such as a search tool for getting users direct messages and the ability to reorder photos after you attached them to a tweet.

None of these new features are guaranteed to see a widespread release. But the update on allowing users follow a topic is likely to be implemented soon. Twitter’s uphill task has been to help new users decide who and what to follow.

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This would definitely help, even if new users have no idea who’s worth following. This feature is so much more convenient than going into Moments which exist differently from the users feed.

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