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Techo Craft – The Base of Information and Communication Technology

Techo Craft is a diversified information and communication technology company based in Enugu, Nigeria. The company is precisely/majorly involved in web development, web design, App creation, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing.  The company is also involved in the dissemination of tech knowledge to the public so as to help create a tech savvy society.

As with other international tech companies, Techo Craft stems out of the cloud based infrastructure international companies has built for their own tech-powerhouse, which has been productive as a service for developing countries in the technology world, this offers a range of free market and job creation for the citizens of the country.

On top of that, Techo Craft has been building and integrating a number of companies and start-ups that leverage a standard structure, providing more success rate for the core service as well as potential for these startups to generate better revenues in their respective market.

Their services range from web development and designing of various companies and startups to product management and branding of these companies with their own business transformation initiative, where Techo Craft provides ideas working with these companies to digitize and modernize their IT structures.

TechoCraft - The Base of Information and Communication Technology
Techo Craft Founders

The opportunity around technological growth and IT development in various countries has become a very important aspect of a country’s economy in the last decade, spurred by the general growth of social media in day to day life activities and people in technological services wanting to bring in this development to help get the work done.

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Tech knowledge dissemination and services – the area that Techo Craft address – is considered a key pillar in the wider development space alongside management of companies to attain higher levels.

 What they do

1. ICT Training 

2. Web Design and Development

3. Android and IOS Development

4. Search Engine Optimization service

5. Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

6. Graphics and Animation Design

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The company, which is now valued at a high price will definitely keep growing and expanding in the country with their plan of consistency and sustainability which is necessary for the growth of the system which serves both for the good of the company and that of the general public. You can follow them on Facebook or Click here to visit their website.


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