Wednesday , October 21 2020

Tasker 5.8 App Updates Adds New Features To The Application

Tasker 5.8 App Updates Adds New Features To The Application
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The android application Tasker, a very helpful app in the advanced segment of android applications with its new developer has been significantly adding quality updates always.

The latest update being the release of Tasker 5.8 which brings a whole lot of changes and important new features to it.

One of the most important features of the new Tasker is its 3rd-party app integration. This new update helps users automate virtually anything concerning the apps on their phone. The “App Changed” event lets users trigger a command every time they enter into this app.

Tasker 5.8 App Updates Adds New Features To The ApplicationThere is also “App Info” action which gives users all kinds of information about any app, like usage statistics. You can create variables and assign them to tasks to limit apps’ permissions or automate various functions.

Some of the previous features from the app include the WaveNet Voices and Keyboard Action, long press volume button, and quick remapping of Bixby. The Tasker 5.8 new update includes important changes in its ability to come up with chat heads for an instant messaging app.

With the update, floating chat heads can be seen by users no matter the messaging app being used.

To get chat heads for any app, users only need three requirements: AutoTools, AutoNotification, and Tasker. The three tools work together to achieve same goal.

Another big feature is concerning Bluetooth connections. Starting with Tasker 5.8, users can automate tasks every time a Bluetooth device connects to their phone. One can also get information from connected devices and force connect/disconnect and pair/unpair them.

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With these new updates, the Tasker 5.8 will definitely help augment the experience for android users making it easier to use the OS.

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