Friday , August 7 2020

GBG 2019, Succeeding As an Entrepreneur – Unveiling Professional Tips to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

GBG 2019, Succeeding As an Entrepreneur – Unveiling Professional Tips to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

With constant emphasis on the development of an entrepreneur, the Google Business Group Enugu continues to empower these entrepreneurs with yet another important workshop themed “Succeeding as an entrepreneur – Unveiling professional tips to succeed as an entrepreneur”.

With keynote speakers including successful entrepreneurs in various fields and careers giving critical tips focused on helping entrepreneurs understand the art of pitching their ideas successfully to investors and also help point out the mistakes which these entrepreneurs have been making as regards outlining their ideas to potential investors, the workshop proved to be a very interactive episode where these owners of various startups were allowed to ask various questions and participate in various activities giving them hands-on knowledge of everything being taught in these highly needed workshop for business owners.


The speakers include Mr. Chuks Edoga the owner of Digital Dreams Limited a renowned entrepreneur in his field. Sharing his thoughts on various mistakes made by entrepreneurs when pitching their ideas to investors, He pointed out that a pitch needs to be a succinct statement that connects entrepreneur’s capabilities to the client and their world.

Another important speaker Mrs. Ify Melody(Sparkling Woman On Radio) had a lot to say about the composure that an entrepreneur has to take when pitching his/her idea to a potential investor.

Stressing the importance of a constructive delivery of an idea as a primary goal that an entrepreneur must focus on and practice so as to be able to successfully convince an investor by understanding the client’s world and know what to say at each point in time.

Also explaining the importance of resilience after rejection, the speakers also made it clear that not all investors will be willing to invest in the ideas of an entrepreneur and there is always a lesson to learn from every rejection.


The 2-day workshop was indeed very helpful to every business owner in attendance, being an interactive session where the audience was allowed to express themselves and their thoughts; it helped these entrepreneurs practically understand the guidelines being outlined by the speakers making the whole process an effective one.

The Speakers also made sure to inculcate knowledge to these entrepreneurs, giving insightful thoughts and laying out important steps to help guide startup owners in achieving their targets and goals as regard funding of their businesses from investors and also teaching the mistakes that should be avoided when pitching ideas to investors of any kind.

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