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Snapchat Releases New Spectacles 3 With A Second HD Camera Upgrade And Updated Design

Snapchat Releases New Spectacles 3 With A Second HD Camera Upgrade And Updated Design
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With a powerful upgrade to its reality sunglasses, Snap recently announced its coming release of the Spectacle 3, with classy new designs and an added HD camera to create depth perception.

The product which has a limited release highlights the work of Snap to develop facial technologies. These new piece of work will be out for sale on November, 2019.

This new move comes less than three years after the release of Snapchat’s first sunglasses initially sold in vending machines. The product garnered a large audience, people waited hours to get them.  Though its popularity went down quickly and the company ultimately had to take nearly $40 million write-down for excess inventory.

The company still released a second version which was smaller and was water proof.

Now, this new pair like its predecessors allows users take photos and videos by tapping a button on the frame, and transferring them to the Snapchat app. The Spectacles’ dual HD cameras aim to capture depth and dimension with 3D making it more like the human eye.

The new spectacle’s special feature is a second camera, which enables it to capture depth for the first time. Some new 3D effects have been built into the system that takes advantage of the device’s new depth perception ability.

They will be exclusive to the Spectacles, and the company plans to let third-party developers design depth effects starting later this year.

The glasses will be available in two colors: “carbon” (black) and “mineral” (somewhere in between beige and gold). Some shaded lenses have also been produced for protection from the sun.

Like other editions, Spectacles allow you to easily capture photos and videos by tapping a button on top of the glasses.  After syncing them to your Android or iOS device, you can then edit them, send them to your friends on Snapchat, or export them for sharing on other platforms, including YouTube.

The company says you’ll be able to capture 70 videos and more than 200 photos on a charge and the 4GB of storage on the device can hold up to 100 videos or 1,200 photos.

As with previous versions, Spectacles can be recharged by storing them in the included charging case. The case can be recharged using a USB C cable and a full charge will take 75 minutes.

Snap is also offering a new way to view snaps taken through Spectacles by making use of a 3D viewer. Open Snapchat on your phone, snap it into the viewer, and you’ll be able to view more in-depth versions of your photos and videos.

Though snaps from the spectacles are not transferred automatically to the users Snapchat account, the company says it is working to overcome this hurdle.

As of now, users will have to connect their phone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and wait for the snaps to download to the account. The exception is for iOS users who are at home, on Wi-Fi, and have their Spectacles charging. Spectacles can be set up to export their snaps to Snapchat automatically while connected.

Despite the initial flop of Spectacles and the failure of Google Glass for consumers, the tech industry is still actively putting a whole lot of work into smart glasses. Google is now focusing on offering augmented reality glasses for businesses and Apple is rumored to be developing AR glasses.

Other tech giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon are also actively working to diversify their revenue streams with hardware products. Immersing themselves into their users’ lives in the process.

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Snap is coming back to users lives after a challenging 2018 following a high criticism of its redesign for its app. In its most recent quarter, Snapchat added 13 million daily users, ending a long period of slow growth and topping an audience of above 200 million daily users for the first time.

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