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Skype Upgrades Its Messaging Services With Bookmarks, Previews And More

Skype Upgrades Its Messaging Services With Bookmarks, Previews And More
Photo: Skype

The voice and video messaging giant over the years has established itself as major platform for voice and video calls.

The Microsoft owned company has said it’s making improvements so as to be a strong messaging platform like Whatsapp and the Facebook messenger.

With new features like bookmarks, drafts, and previews, the company hopes to make interaction easier for its customers.

Skype for mobile devices and desktop now offers message drafts for when users forget to send their messages, or if the user don’t have time to finish the intended statements.

In a blog post, the company said “Any message that you typed, but didn’t send, is saved in the corresponding conversation and marked with the [draft] tag — so you can easily recognize, finish, and send it later”.

Another important upgrade to the messaging system is that it now allows users preview photos, videos and files that has already been selected to share using these simple steps; First, select the media and/or files that you want to send to others.

The selected items are displayed in the message panel so the user can confirm they’re the precise ones that are intended to be shared with particular contacts.

The panel also makes it easy to remove any content that has been selected mistakenly, and users can continue to add new material if there’s something else that is to be sent. Comments can also be added to send with the files.

The company has also said that when users go to share a collection of photos with friends or family, it will ensure the images are “nicely presented” in the form of a “nice album in the chat history with all the photos combined” also giving an option to view photos more clearly by simply tapping the picture.

Skype Upgrades Its Messaging Services With Bookmarks, Previews And MoreAlso message bookmarks is now an available option in the platform. It means that with a simple right click or long press, messages can be saved to the bookmark, enabling quick access to different contents from family photos to other work photos.

Finally, the split window feature that launched for Windows 10 not so long ago has now been incorporated for Windows, Mac, and Linux running the latest version of Skype. The new feature allows users view their contact list in one window, and other conversations able to be opened in a separate window.

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The move by Skype is a beneficiary one for the company and is intended to boost the company’s strength in competition with other messaging platforms. Though it will be a real task as other messaging software’s are already performing some of these functions but Skype definitely has a role to play in the messaging services development.

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