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Securing Africa’s Tech Future: The story of TechPoint Africa

Securing Africa’s Tech Future: The story of TechPoint Africa
Photo credit: TechPoint

Widely acclaimed and accepted by leaders in the African technology space, Techpoint Africa stands tall as the leading Technology focused Media Company in Africa.

The Founder

According to its founder, Mr Adewale Yusuf, Techpoint was founded in 2014 after six years of blogging when he began to ask questions regarding what is happening in the Tech world and why nobody is talking about it.

Almost five years later since it was founded, the company has grown to be a leading media company in Africa focused on promoting technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Techpoint Major Roles

In recent years, Techpoint has played a major role in enhancing the development of startups in Africa through its media platforms and events.

Currently, it hosts the largest start up conference in Africa – Techpoint Build which is a startup exhibition event/conference aimed at connecting the startup and SME community with all industries. It features discussion on running successful businesses as well as a startup pitching competition.

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Also, Techpoint hosts the largest Tech Conference in Africa known as Techpoint Inspired which focuses on how technology is changing Africa and how it affects startups and SMEs, skills, jobs and careers.

Techpoint is leading a revolution in the African business sphere as well as its impact on businesses in Africa. Techpoint is securing Africa’s Tech Future and has transformed thousands of businesses across Africa.

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