Friday , August 7 2020

Samsung’s New Galaxy Fold Smartphone

Samsung's New Frontier With New Galaxy Fold
Photo: independent

Though the South-Korean tech giant made an announcement on February about the coming release of their new piece of high tech, the new Smartphone never made it to the retail market, the company continues to work on the phone’s modification and its design.

With cutting edge designs and ideas, recently the company saw a patent published for a Smartphone with two folds in the display, giving rise to the ‘Z Fold’ handset with a comfortably sized Smartphone mode and an expansive widescreen tablet.

Reports say that the maximum screen size of this device is 3x the width of a contemporary Smartphone screen. This makes it a very versatile device.

The idea is to have a Smartphone, a Tablet and a small PC all in one, and that has been achieved to some extent. With the right hardware, it will therefore be an ideal device for multitasking, but of course also for seeing movies and videos on a small device with a larger screen.

Also gaming which has become a major use for Smartphones has also been considered as this device with a large screen is completely straight for gaming.

Surely being a patent does not mean the device on display is ready for a complete public consumption.

The South-Korean company has struggled with the single fold idea in 2019, so a double fold gadget would not only be tasking but also very expensive for users. The single fold is estimated to be about $2000.

However, the company with a track record of surprises can potentially release such device for their users.

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