Wednesday , January 27 2021

Samsung Finally Removes The Headphone Jack From Its New Phones

Samsung Finally Removes The Headphone Jack From Its New Phones

With the new introduction of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ with no head jack this clears the air about the presence of head jack in Samsung mobile phones.

Samsung products especially the Smartphone Note family has traditionally tried to distinguish itself from Apple’s iPhones with features Apple doesn’t have, like a stylus, expandable storage and even headphone jack.

In 2016, the Korean tech giants mocked the lack of an iPhone jack in the iPhone 7 by releasing multiple ads on its YouTube channel implying that viewers should buy Samsung’s Galaxy phones, which still had the feature.

With the recent turn of events, Samsung has quietly taken down the ad on Samsung’s YouTube channel and has also removed most of its ads mocking Apple. However some of the ads live on in other places like

Another Samsung feature which has been ditched in the new Galaxy Note 10 release was the ability of the Galaxy series to expand the internal storage of its devices with microSD cards; however the Galaxy Note 10 rid itself of this capability.

The Galaxy Note 10+ houses a slot for microSD cards; the Smartphone Company has also removed an advert that mocked Apple for not including this feature.

Google also ditched at Apple’s lack of headphone jack during the launch of its Pixel phone, but eventually caved to pressure by removing it from subsequent versions of its flagship phones.

The Apple AirPods made it super easy to switch to wireless audio for some clear reasons: They’re are much more simple to set up than traditional headphones, thanks to Apple’s proprietary W1 (and now W2) chips inside AirPods and Beats products.

And making a switch to listen to audio on your other Apple devices, such as iPads and Macs, without re-pairing AirPods was also made easy.

It is believed that there are other reasons why Apple ditched the headphone jack including the introduction of a new “Taptic Engine” in the iPhone 7.

The “Taptic Engine” is what provides the light vibrating feedback on iPhones when the user interact with the screen or receive notifications, and it’s often considered the best in any phone.

Samsung also had its reason for removing the headphone jack which includes provision of a bigger battery and, in turn, longer battery life for Galaxy Note users. This satisfies consumers need for a longer battery life.

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Though Samsung has finally come to the party with the removal of the headphone jack, it seems that Apple wasn’t wrong at all in its earlier decision to remove the headphone jack. Though some of Samsung’s Galaxy potential buyers may not like the new idea at all.

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