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Nigerian Developer Builds A Twitter Bot

Nigerian Developer Builds A Twitter Bot

Photo Credit: TechPoint

Social media tech platform Twitter, outlining a new feature – the retweet with a comment feature in April 2015, with a plan to make it more simplified for users to add their comments to tweets.

Right before the development of this new feature, users had to either copy and paste text, then quote or directly comment to the tweet so as to be able to add their comments to a tweet. This clearly had many disadvantages.

The new feature “retweet with a comment” has since gone through various growths including “quote tweet” and also back to “retweet with a comment” which has since grown to incorporate photos, videos and gifts creating a satisfying user experience.

Though quoting tweets has been made easy by this feature, getting other quoted replies to other people’s tweets isn’t as easy.


The new bot is a purely Twitter-based bot that can help users find quoted replies of a particular tweet without the stress of copying and pasting always.

A software development Engineer who created the app on December after he found out that he could copy a tweet’s link and search Twitter for its quoted replies.

He also developed a chrome extension that helps users find quoted replies on any tweet on the platform’s web version.

In a chat with Techpoint, Hamza Fetuga and Abdulhafeez Sagaya mobile app developers based in Lagos they said “We have been following Dara for a while and have used one of his other Chrome extensions.

So when he tweeted the link to the extension, I tried it out and knew instantly that it was something that I was going to use a lot because I mostly use the web version of Twitter,” said Hamza during a chat with Techpoint.

The two developers reached out to Dara and decided to create the mobile version of the bot both iOS and android version. QuoteReplies has garnered users from all over the world, mostly from Nigeria, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and the United States.

How to use the Twitter bot

Using the Twitter bot comes easy as users experience was considered during the bot development.

For viewing quoted replies for a tweet, users simply have to reply to the tweet using the @QuotedReplies handle.

The Twitter bot automatically sends the user the link to quoted replies of all the results searched on Twitter for that particular tweet.

Also using the chrome extension to view quoted replies on the web version, users can access this by simply clicking on tweet which shows a pop up “Replies” and this should also be clicked to see all quoted replies on that tweet.

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The app can be used as an alternative for users who do not want to show their interest in a particular tweet. The iOS and Android app can be used following these simple steps:

Users can find a tweet they are interested in using the Twitter app. Click on the “share” icon and then on “Share Tweet via”.

Look for “Quoted Replies” among the list of apps, click on it and all the quoted replies on the tweet will be shown.

The QuotedReplies bot has been shown to be an important tool for Twitter users and with its simplicity and pattern users are more inclined to use such bot for easy maneuver of the platform.

With monetization important to the developers involved in the project, ads and other important revenue source can be utilized for this purpose.

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