Wednesday , January 27 2021

Microsoft Stresses The Importance Of Update For Windows 10 Users

Tech Company Microsoft Stresses The Importance Of Update For Windows 10 Users
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PC giants Microsoft warn their windows 10 users for immediate update of their operating system against potential harmful malware.

The company has said the vulnerabilities are potentially “wormable,” this simply means that affected computers could spread viruses and malware without any action on the user’s part.

Simon Pope, Microsoft Director of Incident Response in a blog post said there are “potentially hundreds of millions of vulnerable computers”.

“It is important that affected systems are patched as quickly as possible because of the elevated risks associated with wormable vulnerabilities like these, and downloads for these can be found in the Microsoft Security Update Guide” He said.

As for users that have enabled the automatic update feature they are clearly protected from such incident. The potential users at risk are those on manual update who can simply click the search button and type “Windows Update” to access the update tool.

Malware attacks on PCs and Smartphones have become a constant risk for smart users. With the increasing rate of cyber breach, tech companies are always looking out for their users and this move by Microsoft is a good prop for the company helping create a fluent user-company relationship.

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