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Microsoft Delivers New Android App – SMS Organizer

Microsoft Delivers New Android App - SMS Organizer
Photo: Android Central

Microsoft has continued its style of app development for android Smartphone and users. The apps are to provide basic functions for users.

The latest from the tech giants is called the SMS organizer which can be a rival for the normal text message apps in android devices.

The project which started as a Garage Incubator targeting users in India has been set for a bigger release so as to include countries like U.S, U.K and Australia.

The application’s functions includes helping users organize their SMS messages by categorizing SMS reminders and offers; block senders; and archive older messages. It can sort messages into separate folders using machine learning technology.

The company’s strategy presently is to help in easier connectivity of Android Smartphones and iPhones to its windows 10 PC. Microsoft is also developing all kinds of Android and iPhone applications – mostly oriented in productivity.

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Owing to its recent partnership with Samsung on Android, from which Samsung built some Microsoft-developed apps on its Galaxy Note 10, this clearly shows that Microsoft seriously wants to maintain its place in the future of Androids and its applications.

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