Saturday , July 11 2020
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Mark Zuckerberg set to Launch Dating platform on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg set to Launch Dating platform on Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to introduce a feature to facebook. He made this known on his latest post that they are introducing Facebook Dating.

He stated that he is pleased to hear when people tell him how they met their partners on Facebook even though Facebook had no features to help with dating.

Hence this led to the idea to introduce Facebook Dating. He said Facebook dating will be launching in US and other countries soon.

He wrote: “One of my favorite things about building Facebook is I can walk through almost any city in the world and people will stop and tell me stories about how they met their husband or wife through Facebook.

It’s a great feeling. And until recently, Facebook didn’t even have any features to help with dating.

Starting today, we’re launching Facebook Dating in the US. I’m excited to see how it’ll help people come together and find love around interests, groups and events in common.

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We’ve worked with privacy and security experts from the beginning to make it safe and give you control over your experience. Facebook Dating is now live in 20 countries and I’m looking forward to launching more soon.”

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  1. Nice post! But personally, I’d prefer Mark and his team look into their privacy policies and data theft allegations because bringing out such a project requires extreme caution and privacy. As it is some individuals are already sceptical about the kind of content and information they put up on the Facebook platform. So Facebook should at least manage their data and privacy well enough before going into something as personal as Dating app.

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