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Ingressive Capital – Supporting Next Generation of African Innovators

Ingressive capital is an international company focused on developing both small and big scale technological start-ups with ground-breaking innovative ideas in Africa that can be frontiers in the tech industry.

The company invests in tech businesses/start-ups and also incorporate an enabling platform that can help elevate the business. They connect startups to group of investors, major clients, new investors, talents, provide financial aid and work with them on ways to grow and scale through business development, partnership and financial support.

They also make provisions for follow on funding for these tech companies giving room to a relaxed mind for the flow of innovative ideas by the company. This helps the company’s development and leads to creation of more talents.

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  • Providing an unlimited path towards 10000+ pool of talent for maximum investment opportunities and funding. This enables choices for various investors and companies to make standard decisions so as to get the best service.
  • Harnessing business development and partnership support through our superior investor’s network and connection. Thereby enabling unlimited funding for different startups and businesses.
  • Continuous funding and access to international capital through investors who run various businesses and startups in Africa.
  • An official platform to showcase talents and source in front of many tech companies, global investors and successful tech brands. Leading to realization of new talents and success of upcoming techie companies.

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Ingressive capital has proven to be a company passionate about shaping the future of Africa and improving the lives of millions through technology. The company has not only shown the world that Africa is at the fore front of investment but also inspired the local communities and countries to take steps towards the growth of the continent through information technology.

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