Friday , August 14 2020

How To Read Deleted Messages On The Whatsapp Platform On Android, iOS And Windows Devices

With increasing update on the social platform WhatsApp, sent messages can now be deleted by users anytime they will.This new update is indeed helpful to users as they can recall unwanted messages sent unintentionally, with wrong spelling or for any reason at all.

However, there are still a few ways in which these messages can still be read:

  1. WhatsApp Chat Backup

Using WhatsApp backup chat deleted WhatsApp messages can be recovered. This WhatsApp backup chat occurs by 2am every morning by default.

You can change the frequency of backup to daily, weekly or monthly. However, choosing daily as the preferred backup frequency is recommended as you can restore chats before the next backup occurs at 2 am.

To read a deleted message, uninstall WhatsApp and then install it again from your device’s app store. Once you’ve logged back in, you will be given an option to restore chats from backup.

Select the restore option and your chats will be restored, including deleted messages, which are shown as if they were never removed.

  1. Third Party Apps

Third party apps can also be used to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. The Google Playstore has an aggregate of applications that allow users recover WhatsApp messages after it has been deleted.

These apps maintain a log of your notifications that are stored in the Notification register of the Android system.

It is important to understand that downloading and giving permission to such applications is always risky as some of these apps are possibly malwares that can be used to spy on users.

These apps also have certain limitations including the fact that users can only recover the deleted messages with which they’ve interacted.

These interactions involve swiping the notification from the notification bar or floating message. Also, once you have restarted your Smartphone, the notification log is cleared from the Android system making it impossible to retrieve messages even when third-party apps are used.

The Android app “Notification History” from Google Playstore can also be used to view deleted messages on WhatsApp.

However, people can only read those deleted WhatsApp messages which they have interacted with. That is to say, deleted messages can only be seen by individuals if they tap or swipe an incoming notification or see the message by visiting the app.

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Otherwise, if the notification is not seen the deleted message cannot be read, so users can still relax knowing their deleted message can still remain deleted.

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