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Google Removes Another App After Spread Of Malware

Google Removes Another App After Spread Of Malware

Google has again removed another app from its platforms after it was found to be spreading malware.

The application called CamScanner used for scanning files and converting them to PDFs.

The android version of the app has been found to be injected with a malware from an advertiser and can show unwanted advertisement to CamScanner users. The iOS version of the application is said to be unaffected by the malware attack.

Tech security analysts at the security firm Kapersky had found a number of negative reviews on the app’s Google Play profile that complained the app had the “presence of unwanted features” according to a blog post.

The CamScanner developers have blamed third party advertising companies for infusing the malware into the new version of its android app.

The application has been reported to have been downloaded over 100 million times.

Moving forward the company has said it is developing a new version of the application for Google PlayStore and has the clean version on its website for download by users.

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