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Google Business Group (GBG), 2019 – Financing Your Business

Google Business Group (GBG), 2019 - Financing Your Business

Enugu State August 24, 2019 – With great emphasis being laid on the success of an entrepreneur in this day and age, this latest event by the Google Business Group GBG could not have come at a better time.

Citing speakers from various backgrounds, from successful entrepreneurs to renowned accountants of various banks, the event really hit home/achieved its purpose of helping young startups know the necessary ways to boost their business and get funds for their functions.

From topics including book keeping to writing an excellent business plan with also important tips on how to get loans from banks and even how to build a strong online presence using the Youtube medium, this were all addressed by the speakers.

Google Business Group (GBG), 2019 - Financing Your BusinessThe first speaker Mr. Daniel Ben Anasi addressed the importance of book keeping as a major tool for a successful entrepreneur, he outlined the positivity it brings to the business including Keeping effective record of every step taken in the business, Also helping businesses know if they are making profit or not, and also keeps track of how much is being spent on making product and services.

He also gave major insights on how to get funding from investors for various businesses, the necessary steps an entrepreneur can take so as to get the required attention from potential investors. Some of the strategies he outlined include demonstration of transparency when pitching the idea, provision of monthly/periodic information to investors and also effective management and operations report. He clearly implied that ideas are important, but execution is a major key. Execution is what sets the winners apart.


Google Business Group (GBG), 2019 - Financing Your BusinessThe second speaker Mrs. Rita Okonkwo speaking on the importance of a business plan to the growth of a business, she elaborated that a business plan should have a standard executive summary which is not more than one page helping investors save time and strength.

She also pointed out the necessary things to consider in writing a Business Plan outlining Marketing plan/strategy – (how plan to attract your customers and build relationships with them), Technical analysis, Management and organizational structure which entails the leaders dashboard of the business and also the benefits and remuneration structures for everyone involved in the business.

Google Business Group (GBG), 2019 - Financing Your BusinessBest ICT Company To Learn Website Design, App Development In EnuguOther speakers include Mrs. Linda Onaga and Emmanuel Kalu from Sterling Bank and Jashua Ogbu from Access Bank  addressing the point of how to access loans from banks. They gave important suggestions on how to access low interest loans for various businesses like special loan of 5% interest for 7 years made possible through partnership with central bank of Nigeria, saying that individuals must have a business before they can access the loan of 3 million to 10 million.

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The event proved to be a very helpful one to both entrepreneurs and other business owners. Owing to the fact of its versatility and coverage of every important field where individuals can not only source funds for their startups but also create a strong online presence on youtube and other social platforms so as to promote their businesses online.

The Google Business Group continues to help promote entrepreneurship in the state and has been of immense assistance to these business owners.

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  1. This is a nice development in the South East. Most people have lots of business ideas and no information on how to finance it. In this case, the federal government has a major role to play on business development in order to boost the country’s GDP.

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