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Google announces the release of its latest Android OS 10

Google announces the release of its latest Android OS 10

The new Operating System is now available for mobile phones that support this latest upgrade of the OS. Though it has only been incorporated into the Google pixel phones but some other phones which were used during the beta testing can possibly be updated to the new OS version.

For users who would love to upgrade their Smartphones to the new operating system chances are that these users will have to look twice after the update to see whether their phone actually runs the latest version.

The new android system comes with the long awaited dark mode feature. The new dark theme is now ready for user’s night-time viewing, and also there is an improved battery life with support from some apps like photos and calendars. There is a promise that more apps will automatically switch to a dark theme as time goes on.

Another important new feature is the smart reply features which functions to suggest actions from notification on user’s device. For example, if a notification includes a link Smart Reply will suggest opening it in the Chrome browser. This also goes for videos where it sends users to YouTube and even addresses where it directs to Google Maps.

On security and privacy, the new operating system includes the ability to only share location data with apps while users use them and a new Privacy section in Settings that gives you access to controls for managing web and app history, as well as your ad settings.

Also with the new Google system update, the company can now inculcate important security and privacy fixes right to the phone from the Google Play store, which allows it to patch issues without having to go through the system update process. This comes as Google’s overall strategy to unlink these updates and core features from the OS updates.

Other modifications include the updated gesture navigation. Though optional, because users can still use the old three-button navigation that Android has always offered. This comes in handy especially when users try to switch between apps.

Google announces the release of its latest Android OS 10Swiping left and right from the screen replaces the back button, which can’t always be noticed immediately, and a slightly longer press on the side of the screen occasionally opens a navigation drawer. Even though sometime the long press for navigation drawer does not work it requires a swipe at an angle that is above 45 degrees.

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There is also some kind of support for foldable phones – that is for when they enter into the market.

These are just some of the important new features to the new OS but other small features still abound in the new upgrade. Though all these new features are optional and can be deactivated if not wanted.


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