Thursday , June 4 2020

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Flutterwave’s Barter App to be Used for Intl. Transactions in African Countries

Flutterwave's Barter App to be Used for International Transactions in African Countries

The tech firm Flutterwave through its partnership with Flywire has made transfer of money between various African countries possible. Flywire, a payment processing company connecting over 1,400 businesses and institutions with their customers on six continents in cooperation with Flutterwave has developed the helpful system for customers to transfer money …

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Twitter: Our Policy Does Not Give Free Rein to Political Figures.

Twitter: Our Policy Does Not Give Free Rein To Political figures.

In a statement made to clarify it’s policies, Twitter has said that accounts  owned by world leaders are not above it’s  rules. Making it clear that they reserve the right to take action against offending tweets from these accounts not minding the owners. In a tweet shared on Tuesday, Twitter …

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