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Digital Dreams Limited – Developing The World Through ICT

Digital Dreams LimitedDigital Dreams Limited an IT company based in Enugu State is an IT company based in Enugu State, Nigeria. The company offers first class technological solutions and development to other companies, organizations and government owned firms utilizing a standard technological team with advanced programming skills, helping in smooth operation of these firms.

The Company also offers IT training to individuals and corporate organizations, with ICT academy spread around the south-east, thereby helping create a strong and advanced IT community in the country. With advanced skills in web design, animations, and software development the company boasts a renowned firm in IT advancement.

In a sit-down interview with the C.E.O and Manager of Digital Dreams Limited Mr. Chuks Edoga an Entrepreneur and IT professional speaking on the inspiration behind starting the tech company Digital Dreams:

“I’ve been a programmer all my life so basically after graduation from the university going into IT was what I wanted to do though there were no tech companies present in the state as of then. The offerings then came from banks, insurance companies and oil and gas firms. So to stay in technology I had to create a tech niche of my own” Mr. Chuks said in the interview.

Also speaking on the advancement of the south-east as relates technological growth and development, he said the south-east in relation to other parts of the country and the world still have a long way to go in IT advancement being an emerging market in the IT world.

“The south-east is an emerging market when it comes to technology and there is so much noise and little services. Tech is all about producing technology and not about consuming technology, so more needs to be done in developing tech in the south-east so as to be as successful as other tech regions around the world”.

He also aired his views on the involvement of Digital Dreams with other Tech Communities; he said “We have a lot of strategic partnership with various tech communities in the region.

We are involved with Start-up South which is a community of start-ups in South-East and South-South; we are also involved with other communities such as Google Developers Group South-East where we were part of Devfest event in 2018, Google Business Group: Women’s Will and other communities”.

Digital Dreams Limited an IT company based in Enugu State


On the future plans for digital dreams, Mr. Edoga said that the company looks to focus on game app development before the end of 2019 as this niche is not yet saturated.

“One of the aspects we are moving into is game development. We are starting it this year. I think that’s a part where we know is novel and people are not really pushing it in this region of the country and it’s always our idea to break boundaries and frontiers.

On the involvement of the government in promoting technology in the south-east and all over the country, he pointed out that such involvement will definitely help develop the IT industry and lead to the much needed growth in the tech sector of every region in the country.

“There is no system that grows without government support, so the government is totally important when it comes to development of technology and IT growth coming from both individuals and publicly owned firms”.


The company through its ICT training institute has also produced some of the best tech individual in the country that have gone on to break barriers in technology. Some of these individuals include the Co-Founders of Techo Craft – a renowned ICT firm based in Enugu Nigeria into Development of Applications, Animation, Graphics, etc.

Other IT experts produced by the company include Ugo Aronu the founder of Ugarsoft a leading ICT consulting firm in Nigeria into Development of Applications. Also the founder of My JobMag Nigeria, a leading Job platform in the country and others.

Mr. Chuks Edoga said “Digital Dreams has trained over 5000 students in Enugu state over the span of 10 years”.

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  • Web designing
  • Animations
  • Software Development
  • ICT training including Digital Marketing, Animation, Android, Java, C++, AUTOCAD, ARCHICAD, etc.

Digital dreams as an IT firm will continue to inspire great and innovative technological ideas in different areas of IT. The company with their plan of development and sustainability has proven to be a vital company for the success of technology in the south east and will continue to grow and disseminate tech education and services all over the country.

Through their ICT training institute, will continue to help inspire and develop new and already experienced programmers in the south-east and all over the country, helping them achieve new heights and creating success in the IT community.


The company’s products span across a wide range of technological development software/ technological solutions that help companies, institutions, government and corporations function easily with an efficient delivery of their services. Digital Dreams has successfully helped institutions re-engineer their operations, reduce costs and build time-tested operational models.

Some of these products include


  • Collaboration: Linkschool provides a platform for students to reach out to one another and also to an instructor to solve problems and share knowledge. Helping grow students and creating comfortable learning community.
  • Access to Resources: Linkschool online provides access to research materials and work for students to study and develop themselves even better.
  • Videos and Sounds: The product also provides access to videos and tutorials helping students learn the necessary skills required for success in the school system easily.
  • Gamification: Linkschool provides an easy route to learning through interactive teaching and learning process which involves challenging intellectual games, giving various rewards thereby boosting the student’s motivation to learn.

Other cutting edge product from the company include Linkenroll, LinkRCM and Enterprise Applications  that has also played a huge role in augmenting the student and learning process in the country. This has ultimately helped in developing the education system in the country.


Head Quarters (Enugu)

No. 1A Nwodo Street, (Besides DSTV Office), G.R.A Enugu,



Otigba (Enugu)

No. 1A Chime Avenue, (Opposite Ebeano Housing Estate), New Haven Enugu, Enugu Nigeria.



Agbani Road (Enugu)

No. 185 Agbani Road (Besides Access Bank), Mayor Bus stop



Awka (Anambra)

Umuzocha Plaza,Enugu/Onitsha express way.Opposite central Bank of Nigeria



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