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Digital Business Masterclass Held at UNN Enugu Campus

Digital Business Masterclass July 27, 2019

The Digital Business MasterClass event hosted by The Idea Hub is an insightful event for students and working class individuals to help educate and give them insights about how to earn income online and be economically stable.

The event saw various speakers from very successful backgrounds and businesses in attendance, giving their knowledge and thoughts on unique topics affecting digital businesses.


The first Speaker Mr. Nonso, Daniel Ofotube , a digital marketer from Incydas Communications gave his insights on the necessity of a strong online business presence citing ownership of a business page as a key aspect of being a successful digital marketer.

Mr. Nonso, Daniel Ofotube said “A business page should be treated like a physical shop or store, everything that would be done on a physical store should also be done in a business page”. Also speaking on different means of earning as a business marketer he said “Once the foundation of digital marketing has been laid right, income flows freely through various means including creation of ads in your page just to mention a few”.

Digital Business Masterclass July 27, 2019

The second speaker Mr. Nosa Osagiede a Co-Founder of Techo Craft tech company, talked about how to make money online with affiliate marketing.  On his speech emphasized on the aspect of different affiliate networks, how they work and how to get approved by CPA networks like Peerfly, Maxbounty and CrakRevenue.

He also mentioned some tips on how to promote affiliate products from Clickbank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus using Facebook ads, Native ads, search engine optimization and building of mailing list for further promotion of affiliate products and CPA offers.

He further mentioned some important tools needed to become a successful digital marketer which some are free and others with little token. He stated that “these tools can help optimize your business online as a digital marketer. Using these tools increases the presence of your business online and why you should start building your mailing list for future sale even if the traffic doesn’t convert at the first time”.


Digital Business Masterclass July 27, 2019

The Third Speaker Mr. Emmanuel Onyirimba gave his thoughts on the ethics and principles every digital marketer should have before going into any form of business. He emphasized good will and genuineness as a core principle every online business practitioner should imbibe.

He said “Going into online business, one must be genuine and ready to render a particular service to the public”. He also spoke on the importance of character in business dealings in his words “Character is the foundation of every business, have a genuine intention when going into a business with anyone”.

Digital Business Masterclass July 27, 2019

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The Digital Business MasterClass event, which was supported by TechoCraft was an eye opener both for students and working class individuals in attendance. With inspiring and successful speakers in digital marketing, the host of the event Mr. Utibe-Abasi Emmanuel founder of “The Idea Hub” made sure the audience got educated in digital marketing.

He said “I think the young ones need to know more about digital marketing and how it can help them achieve a desired success in life. I think the online platform is a really simple means of making money using the right strategy and tools”.

The event which is expected to occur annually because of its importance will continue to develop and inspire the next generation of online business owners both in the country and around the globe.

Digital Business Masterclass July 27, 2019 Digital Business Masterclass July 27, 2019

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