Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Use of Artificial Intelligence in Messaging

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Messaging

Messaging at its full potential has become a necessity for almost every individual in the globe making it a major concern for tech companies involved in this sector looking towards improvement on the use of Artificial Intelligence in messaging. Most people prefer to share information on closed, private messaging environments …

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Smart Displays – Amazon Echo Show 5 And Google Nest Hub

Smart Displays - Amazon Echo Show 5 And Google Nest Hub

Virtual assistants have proven to be a necessary accessory for smart users all over the world. Smart displays have become very competitive in the world of virtual assistance, thereby bringing the voice-activated smarts of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to the fore front with smart touch screens, microphone, and speakers …

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Samsung’s New Galaxy Fold Smartphone

Samsung's New Frontier With New Galaxy Fold

Though the South-Korean tech giant made an announcement on February about the coming release of their new piece of high tech, the new Smartphone never made it to the retail market, the company continues to work on the phone’s modification and its design. With cutting edge designs and ideas, recently …

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