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Apple Will Pay $1 Million To Anyone Who Can Hack An iPhone

Apple Will Pay $1 Million To Anyone Who Can Hack An iPhone

Tech giant Apple have decided to take their Cybersecurity to a whole new level, with a new “bug bounty” of $1 million to anyone who can find security vulnerabilities on iPhone.

The bounty is up for grab to anyone or group of people who can detect and expose an attack that can bypass iPhone lock screen without the consent of the owner (user).

During Black Hat Cybersecurity Conference held in Las Vegas this week, Ivan Krstić, Apple head of Security Engineering and Architecture made this known while also outlining Apple’s mission in minimizing if not completely eliminating the bugging of Apple products.

According to @Forbes, the bold move makes this the highest bug bounty offer from any major company

If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. It’s an attack that would result in the hacker getting to the core of Apple’s operating system, iOS, and gaining control of the iPhone in question without any user interaction.

If someone (or several someone’s) are able to pull the hack off and share how they did with Apple, they’ll get $1 million

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Beyond the new top prize, Apple also announced that it’s extending the bug-bounty program to include not just iOS, but also macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

So if you know how to hack a phone, or know someone who can hack a phone, you may want to listen up. 👀

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