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Apple presents a new privacy policy update

Apple presents a new privacy policy update
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Apple presents a new privacy policy update Wednesday 6th November 2019 which is in conjunction with its latest effort to distinguish itself from its data-selling competitors.

The tech company released a new privacy page that makes its privacy policy easier to read and understand. The new privacy page looks more like a product page than your standard screen of black and white text showing clearly the company 

“At Apple, privacy is built into everything we make,” CEO Tim Cook tweeted Wednesday announcing in effect that stressing that Apple presents a new privacy policy update. “You decide what you share, how you share it, and whom you share it with. Here’s how we protect your data.”

The refreshed page uses just a few words to describe how each app protects your privacy. If you want to know more, you can click the + icon and you’ll get a two-paragraph explanation.

Head over to the features tab, and Apple provides even more info on privacy related to Safari, Maps, Photos, Messages, Siri, Apple News, Wallet, and Health. All of the info is broken down into digestible pieces

Apple has tried to market its commitments to privacy, comparing itself favorably to competitors that include Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOGL).

The company, for the most part, is in a different line of business: it makes the vast majority of its money selling hardware, software, and services to its customers unlike its competitors threading on personal information and data.

The tech giants also strongly solicited other tech companies at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It placed a billboard in Las Vegas reading “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

But the iPhone has had its share of security flaws, most recently after the recent release of iOS 13, which exposed contact details stored in iPhones without requiring a passcode or biometric identification.

Apple (AAPL) has encountered other privacy problems, too. Last year, Bloomberg reported the Chinese government secretly placed data collection chips in Apple hardware. Cook said there was “no truth” to the report.

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And in August, Apple apologized for letting contractors listen to commands that users give to its voice assistant Siri. The practice, which is designed to improve Siri’s quality, came under scrutiny after The Guardian reported that contractors could hear users’ private conversations. Apple responded by saying it would no longer keep audio recordings of users’ interactions with Siri.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon have also faced similar criticism for how they store recordings on its smart devices.

Facebook, also recently launched a new section of to provide clear, visually appealing info on Messenger’s privacy, safety, and security features. In August, it rolled out a tool to help users see and manage the data that apps and websites collect on them and share with Facebook. In 2018, Google also introduced an easier way for users to understand their privacy policy.

As privacy policy continues to be a section for companies to monitor closely, Tech giants all over the world including Apple changes its privacy pages, as a means of keeping their users’ trust. Google, Facebook, and others also hope to continue updating their policy’s styles to maintain the trust of their users too.

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