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AI – An Important Tool Vital For A Successful Entrepreneur

With A.I predicted to be a core stream of the world in the coming future, it has become a necessity for new startups to imbibe this tech revolutionary idea so as to be able stand competition in their chosen niche and be successful.

Ai - An Important Tool Vital For A Successful Entrepreneur

In the reports of 2019 survey by Gartner, usage of A.I was about 270% in the last 4years, this is clearly due to the importance of this technological tool and its benefits.

AI Tools

  1. AI – driven lead intelligence system

AI-driven lead intelligence software systems can deliver quality value for any business from startups to big time companies.

There are many options on the market that allow small businesses to reap these benefits. One of the major ones includes OptinMonster – A great lead generation resource that delivers a full range of AI marketing and sales tools that’s priced for small businesses.

Others like Salesforce offers great AI customer relationship management (CRM) and has specific products and pricing for small businesses. These AI software products can be used to personalize engagement with customers, anticipate needs and improve lead quality.

  1. Collection of Data and Analysis

Innovations in AI data collection and analysis can provide startups with necessary information to make important decisions.

These systems use internal data as well as collect data from various sources to present a complete view of the business and positive potentials in the marketplace.

IBM Cognos a very efficient and comprehensive data analytics A.I system gives users the visual representations and actionable reports based on your data.

The intuitive dashboards in the system provide a variety of options so you can view your data by date, geographic location, product line, and more.

Reports are easy to create and distribute, and your data is protected. IBM has pricing levels to make this product available to all businesses both small scale and big scale.

  1. Human Resources

Human Resource and development can be transformed through artificial intelligence. H.R. which comprises recruitment, engagement, benefits management, and continuing education can be challenging as to balancing it but with the use of A.I these can be handled.

A.I recruitment companies can help in the management of H.R of various small companies. TextRecruit is a great option for hiring hourly workers while Arya is a good choice for finding someone with specific talents and skills.

Others include Rampup and Zenefits. Apart from Recruiting, A.I also helps in the management of data of all sorts to help keep companies running smoothly.

For example Payroll provides company leaders with time, attendance and performance management of their companies, helping company leader access key reports from anywhere at any time.

  1. Monitoring the Competition

Keeping in touch with competitors in the business field is a real uphill task for some startups Using AI, companies small businesses can track competitors across most digital channels, including social media, gathering a variety of information their users apply to adjust pricing, marketing language, and more.

In addition, this system can identify and analyze market trends to deliver actionable intelligence for strategic planning and marketing. For startups operating in a highly competitive market, this AI system is the perfect weapon.

  1. Personal options

Some A.I systems surely might not serve the need of some businesses and building an A.I system from the scratch can be a tumultous job.

However, there are free and open-source AI software systems that can be used to perform customized tasks for startups.

Some of these will require the services of a programmer, but others can be used by almost anyone who has decent computer skills.

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Free open-source A.I software – IBM Watson is used by many companies. You can build your own models from scratch or use pre-built enterprise apps that meet your needs.

RPA by WorkFusion offers a free non-code system for customized AI automation options, include chatbots.

Using A.I technology is a big boost for small businesses and startups. These eliminates many failing point for these businesses and help bring these young companies into the limelight.

A.I. technology is the future for business and should be embraced for a successful enterprise.

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