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Affiliate Bot 2.0 Review: The Perfect Bot for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Bot 2.0 Review: The Perfect Bot for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Bot 2.0 is a product developed by a Chris who’s a Clickbank product developer which claims to automate the process of earning online and was launched on February 19, 2019.

The sales page claims that every step, from market research to displaying content to driving traffic can be done by artificial intelligence he designed.

Could this really be as described on the sales page? Well, let’s proceed to see how it works.

What is Affiliate Bots 2.0?

It is a new Marketing Software designed for affiliate marketers, advertisers, e-Commerce marketers, business owners, website owners and a total newbie who’s just starting his/her online digital marketing skills.

The brand contains affiliate marketing tools which is used by Amazon, Clickbank, Warrior plus and JVZoo affiliates, easy to use website builder, AI Search Engine, video creation tools and so on.

What Can You Do With Affiliate Bot 2.0

  1. Create your own site

The website widget tool helps to get website visitors. Using any of the 10 automated programs you can add specific geo-tracking to your website, targeted pop-ups, discount coupons and countdown timers which is applause.

The Rapid Website Builder software enables you to create landing pages and the Affiliate Ads 2.0 software adds banner ads to your site to increase your revenue.

  1. Video Creation Tools

The 1 Click Video pages tool is an easy-to-use tool which converts your blog posts to videos and designed to engage your audience.

  1. Choosing the best affiliate program to promote

The program has six (6) bots which helps you to find the best products to promote so as to monetize your website and start earning from it. I believe knowing the right product to promote is the first step you should consider before anything else.

  1. Driving traffic to your website

The product seems to come up with an ultimate traffic tool called; The AI Search Engine.

The tool is said to contain over 700,000 traffic opportunities on the top 100,000 most popular websites that get over 100 billion visitors within a month. Click here to get Affiliate Bot 2.0

How does Affiliate Bots 2.0 works?

This is not like the traditional way most affiliate marketers are using to make money online, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. They’re steps required to do affiliate marketing using Affiliate Bot which include:

1.   Choose a Profitable Niche Using Niche Money Bot

Niche Money Bot is pre-loaded with thousands of profitable keywords for 100 niches, but these niches are not disclosed.

After using Niche Money Bot to identify a niche, then you have to go to the Keyword Titan Bot to find keywords.

The Keyword research is an additional step which the product creator tried to merge to simplify the process. He says “you use Keyword Titan to find out which keywords are most profitable”.

2.   Get Ranked on Google and Youtube

Most affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs create content for their websites and often times to distribute in other places online.

Using the Affiliate Video Bot, would get you 1000 pre-made scripts and slides pre-recorded for 100 affiliate programs.

3.   Take your Profits Using Geo Bots

Geo Bots customizes the experience from the top 5 countries and top 10 states around the world. The bots helps you get the traffic which you can promote your product.

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How Do I Make Money with Affiliate Bots 2.0?

To make money with this software, you’ll have to follow the typical affiliate marketing process. They haven’t changed the process. You’ll still have to pick a niche, create content, and get traffic that will buy so you’ll make money.

Essentially, Affiliate Bots is helping you to find topics that are in demand, giving you templates for videos so you can create YouTube videos, giving you a WordPress theme, showing you where to get email lists, giving you ads, and training.

After following the process as stated, you should be able to start earning money online doing affiliate hence no procedure was changed but just got improved by the product creator.

My Verdict:

Affiliate Bot 2.0 is worth trying if you are either new or old to Affiliate Marketing. The tool can help you make the right choice of choosing the best product to promote and by so doing, your success rate is assured hence you’re promoting what people are searching for. Not just that, but other numerous tools it came with which can help to simplify your affiliate marketing journey. I’ll like to share your experience too.

Need to get Affiliate Bot 2.0? Click here to get your now.


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