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5 Awesome Tricks For Saving Money Online While Shopping

Online shopping also known as mail order, cyber shopping, electronic shopping, home shopping, virtual shopping, catalog buying, tele-ordering and tele-shopping. Is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods from online stores over the internet. Has so far been the norm of this century.

People now sit at home and make purchases of goods and have them delivered to their door steps.

5 Awesome Tricks For Saving Money Online While Shopping

More people than ever today shop online. But are unaware of some few awesome tricks for saving money online while shopping thereby not maximally utilizing this opportunity.

Various ways including free shipping, digital coupons and price-drop refunds are some of the basic tricks to save money while shopping online.

Here are a few tricks to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table.


Ebates is a company that gives commission in form of rebate or cash back for shopping through their affiliated stores. Ebates has relationships with thousands of stores and offers discount or cash back when you shop at these stores. Through the official Ebates website.

The process is very simple, visit the website, sign up and start enjoying the beauty of getting paid while you shop online.

All you need to do is click a button at check out, and an automatic rebate will be given to you as well as add any coupon codes to stack discounts before submitting your order. It is very simple and reliable to use.


Loyalty programs are structured marketing strategies and long term marketing effort designed by merchants to encourage and provide incentives to repeat customers who demonstrate a loyal buying behavior.

Always look for a loyalty program that best suits you, it can be an email discount program. Many merchants or retailers regularly reward a 10-15% off coupons when you sign up as an email subscriber.

It is always good to use an online shopping email account so you don’t have promotions from this merchant or retailers constantly filling your regular email account.


Coupons is a ticket, code or document consisting of letters or numbers that consumers enters into a promotional box on a site’s shopping check out page to redeem financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

Finding coupons don’t really need to be tedious. Websites like groupon, couponcraze, retialmenot among host of others offer thousands of coupons that are searchable by retailer.

Visit such websites to explore the money saving benefits that are offered by those websites.

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Dynamic pricing is simply a way to determine an optimal selling price of products in a setting where prices can easily and frequently be adjusted.

Merchants or retailers devise this means to keep track of your shopping history and tends to up-sell you based on your past purchases, locations, browser history and other factors.

Well, the good news is that you can decide not to be a victim of such circumstances any more just by doing these few tasks:

  • Log out your email and social media accounts after shopping online.
  • Always clear your browser history.
  • Try switching to incognito mode on your browser before shopping. Incognito in this context is simply hiding your true identity either by using a private mode in your browser or the incognito mode as other web browser may have.

This few steps makes it difficult for the retailers to keep track of your browser history and hence always sees you as a new customer and offers you all the packages they have in store for their new customers.

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In the recent years, shopping online is gradually gaining its ground, online shopping has made it easier to shop from anywhere in the globe and have it delivered to your door step.

Even with all the promo codes and digital coupons out there, online shopping isn’t always the cheapest option. So the best advice is to take time and explore other options like calling in or going to that your local store around you. Or by using apps like ShopAdvisor among host of others to check in-store prices.

Getting discounts of products on shelves once in a while doesn’t really sound like a bad idea.

Whether shopping online or offline, the primary goal is to get cash back on every purchase. Doing this maximizes the consumer experience and increases buy out options.

This simple tricks help consumers get more cash back and optimizes the consumer online shopping experience. Serving for the good of both the consumer and the retail stores online.


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