Wednesday , January 27 2021

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Apple enables universal purchases for Mac and iOS apps

Apple Mac and iOS apps

Apple’s Catalyst apps were designed to help bridge software between its macOS and iOS platforms, and now the company is taking things a step further by enabling universal purchases between the two platforms, as spotted in Apple’s Xcode 11.4 beta by developer Steve Troughton-Smith on Twitter. In other words, if …

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Instagram models ad that allows IGTV creators monetize their content

Instagram tv ads

Social media platform Instagram launch a prototype that allows IGTV content creator earn money, this prototype would let content creators earn money by showing advertisements along with their videos. Over 18 months after launching IGTV which allow content creators to upload longer videos on Instagram. By giving content creators a …

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​What Elon Musk think Twitter could be doing better

In a video session on Thursday Tesla CEO Elon musk suggested that twitter be better off when they identify the twitter Bot(fakebor parody account)  Thousands of Twitter employees watched as Dorsey video-called Musk from a company meeting in Houston on Thursday and asked for “some direct feedback,” as previously reported by Bloomberg. …

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Amazon Top 5 Smart Alexa Devices

Amazon’s alexa devices are designed to capture voice only after a specific voice command. Most Alexa are programmed to be activated using a woke-word “Alexa” other devices require the user to press a button to activate alexa listening mode. The best Alexa enabled or compatible devices to use with your …

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​Facebook to stop using phone numbers to recommend ‘friends’

Facebook Fighting Misinforrmation With More African Languages

Facebook is to stop using members’ phone numbers in its friends recommendation system in 2020 following concern about privacy implications. Users can choose to have a code sent to their mobile phones when logging in to make access harder for hackers. But Facebook admitted it also fed the numbers into …

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